Changing our Perspective in Caring

Last night at a reading I met a woman caregiver who had left her full-time job to be able to be home with her growing children. At eight and sixteen, they are now just at the point where she does

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After The Caring Time is Over – Caregiver Recovery

November is National Family Caregiver’s Month It is a time to reach out to ourselves as caregivers, developing a community of support, care, respite and resources as needed. As I continue to share my book, On Angels’ Wings, A Journey

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Mom – I missed you in the lilies this summer The wind slipped through the holes in the pines whispering secrets and memories brushing back and forth in time to some unknown beat Never wilting in the heat of lust

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Purple Dawn

  Drawn into the future of hope for a cure as I have become ever more deeply involved in advocacy, this poem uses mom’s favorite lighthouses to pave the path to a brighter dawn for us all. This scene was

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1000 Knots

  As I have progressed in my journey with Alzheimer’s since mom passed, I have looked for and found ways to continue to bring hope and healing into the Alzheimer’s community. This poem is one of my first “post mom” poems

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A Place of Peace

An Alzheimer’s Poem – about Mom and me, found scratched on the back of a website workshop handout from some time in 2013. I found it as I was throwing out old papers recently. This one got saved to share

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