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Deborah Lynn Strafuss – Poet, Author

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Deborah takes her listeners on a poetic journey as they listen to, and identify with, various aspects of her caregiving story

The Circle of Love –  The Adversity of Alzheimer’s contains encompassing jewels of love and life. Hear the story.

Lessons of the Journey Steps for enriching and easing the burdens of caregiving distilled from the author’s journey

Poetic Imagery of the Journey – Darkness and light, the shadows and forces that accompany us on this journey

Making a Good Death, and Life!Preparing for and walking through, your loved one’s death with light and hope; life for the Caregiver after Alzheimer’s



These are interactive small group activities during which Deborah leads participants in exploring the use of writing and poetry in coping with the challenges of their journey, helping them to enrich their life experience and that of their loved ones through more open self-expression.

Self-care for the carer:
How writing and meditation can support the care giving journey.

Flipping Roles: Life upside-down
Exploring and expressing the challenges of changing family roles.

Memories and Gratitude:
Creating a vehicle for sharing memories.

Grieving the losses, celebrating the connections:
Coping with the emotions of care giving. Expressing grief, finding joy. 

Completing the Journey:
End of life with peacefulness and connection. Moving on.

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Dream Factory Community Interview with Deborah Lynn Strafuss

Dream Factory with Deborah Lynn Strafuss from WACA TV on Vimeo.

New England Author’s Interview with Deborah Lynn Strafuss

New England Authors with Deborah Lynn Strafuss from CCTV on YouTube.


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