Excerpt from Chapter One…The Beginning

Was there a beginning to Mom’s Alzheimer’s? There was. Buried somewhere in the tenuous strands and filaments of her brain, delicate

Copy write, Peggy McClure

Passage, by Peggy McClure

protein fibers began to grow. They grew and grew and stretched and grew until they started to choke the spaces between her neurons, interrupting the paths of energy and thought and flow, and causing memories to disappear; but these events were far too deep and too subtle for us to perceive. For us, on the outside looking in, perception began when we slowly noticed that things with Mom were not as they used to be.  There were odd behaviour and actions that we were swift to chalk up to her being older, or more bitter, or whatever other reason we could imagine or suppose.

There will always be clouds–
No matter how bright the sun of life begun,
It’s fun and joy perceived, believed…
There are always clouds that come..


Excerpt From Chapter Three…Confusion

Mom continued, delightfully confused in gentle ways, unnoticed, hidden, for years. Steeped from her youth in the art of creating the appearance of properness, niceness, showing only her best face to the world, she continued her lonely journey. Recently widowed, she was conveniently alone. Always having been an extremely competent and capable mother, wife, hostess and business-woman, she had the perfect facade behind which to retreat. No one would ever suspect. No one did.

Part of a poem from Chapter Four…The Pain of Truth

Watching places disappear,
Your plants are gone,
They are not here.
The clutter of your life is cleared
As softly, gently you release
And trust another for your care,
Parts of your cupboard have gone bare.

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