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“On Angels’ Wings” by Deborah Lynn is a book all families should read and keep using as a resource, support source, and guide.

Lynn provides inspiration, and resources to help caregivers who are not sure what to do. She is passionate and honest in her writing, which includes poetry and pictures to depict her feelings and the loss of the woman who was once active, intelligent, and loving.

Reader Views - Carol Hoyer On Angel's Wings - Balboa Press August 23, 2017

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Lynn’s debut memoir shares her struggle to care for her mother, whose mind slowly disintegrated from Alzheimer’s disease. Lynn writes movingly, and no doubt for fellow caregivers, comfortingly, about finding peaceful and loving moments with her mother even during advanced stages of the disease. The book includes Lynn’s poetry, which sometimes indulge in clichés—e.g. using butterflies to represent hope—but often contains striking, resonant lines as well.

Kirkus Indie Review On Angel's Wings - Balboa Press August 23, 2017

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Debra builds a karmic bond with the families who are living with dementia. Read it.

Dr. Paul Raia On Angel's Wings - Balboa Press August 24, 2017

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I just finished reading the magnificent book, On Angels' Wings, by Deborah Lynn. This book is a wise, enlightening, work of art! I am awed at the author's ability to write in beautiful prose and beautiful poetry. Her wisdom in this book enriched my life and peaked my interest in understanding more about the emotional/spiritual attributes of living with ALZ. Thank you!

Marguerite Robbins On Angel's Wings - Balboa Press December 18, 2017

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